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You may know of someone that has done exactly this?

She thought about it long and hard. Well, she got what she deserved –

A 14% return on their savings secured by real estate?

I’d like to show you how you can earn a 14% return on your savings.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is: How should I invest my money?

Many of my clients that have RSP funds or RRIF funds are disappointed. Their current returns in their registered funds are not doing well. They’re tired of term deposits with lousy returns…stocks and bonds that go up and down in value.

Wishing for a better return?

My answer is simple…invest in 2nd mortgages.

One of the things you’re really going to love about 2nd mortgages is the great safe 14% returns.

I have a few rules about private mortgage investing. Yes, rules.

I won’t act as your 2nd mortgage consultant if these rules are not followed exactly.

  1. Most Importantly – I will not let anyone invest in a mortgage that I would not do myself.
  2. The property must have a strong resale value.
  3. The property is subject to a VERY thorough appraisal.
  4. The loan to value (LTV) ratio must be no more than 80%. I prefer that no investor/lender invest into any mortgage investment where the loan would exceed 80% of the appraised value of the home. Other brokers don’t care and go up to 100%. But, I don’t agree with this practice. I want to see at least 20% equity still in the property after a 2nd mortgage is made from the private investor/lender to a borrower.
  5. ‘Owner Occupied’ residential properties only. It has to do with liquidity, and marketability. The property has to be owner occupied. No rental properties. I believe that the best mortgage investments are ones where the owner is living in the home. Their home!
  6. A 14% return. The payments are based on interest only payments. So a $50,000 private mortgage investment would pay $583.33 per month interest to you, the private mortgage investor/lender. You may like the idea of extra cash each month…
  7. There will be NO costs incurred by you the private investor/lender because the borrower pays for ALL appraisal and legal costs.

When you compare a fixed rate of return of 14% with no commission fees or management fees to other investments (i.e. mutual funds etc…) there is no comparison for the rate of return versus risk.

PS – You may also borrow against the equity in your home at 3.00% and lend at 14% with a net return of 11%

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