If you’re happy paying the banks more than you have to, STOP reading right here.

BUT, if you’re tired of being hoodwinked, read on –

For fun, I just called up the bank and asked them what their best 5 year rate was.

Guess what they said…

Well, our posted rate is around 5.00%, but if you’re lucky, I may be able to get you in around 4

WOW, that’s great except for the fact that I could get you in around the mid 2’s

That’s a whole 2% difference.

Do you know what that means to your bottom line?

This is a perfect example of what the banks do.

By preying on unsuspecting clients, they make a HUGE profit, and you get hoodwinked into a higher rate.

Another travesty is that 85% of mortgage clients simply sign their mortgage renewal docs and stay with their current bank.


There is a perception that it’s difficult to switch banks, plus it costs you money to switch.


Question is, do you want to pay the banks more than you have to?

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Why pay the banks, more than you have to?

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