Money is the BIGGEST cause of stress in all areas of our lives!

I thought it was time to do something about it!

Please join me each week as I share Simple, Clear Tips on how to DETOX YOUR FINANCES and change your relationship with money FOREVER.

Financial Detox Tip Week #1

Expenses expand to meet income, so plan to have a surplus.

Expenses expand to meet income – pay raises get spent before they hit the bank!

Yet most people manage to pay their bills – your regular monthly expenses get taken care of, but that’s it.

So make a commitment to your financial future – commit to having a surplus!

This  wealth habit is in line with the idea of “PAY YOURSELF FIRST.”

Set up a separate account & have funds automatically channeled into it each month. You can use this money for investing in your financial future, special treats, charity, or anything else you like.

After a short time, you’ll discover you don’t even miss it!

Q: How much surplus do I want to generate this year, & what would I like to do with it?

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Mark Fidgett
Vancouver Mortgage Broker