How much money do I need to retire, a great question that often comes up during the mortgage process.

I’m only an expert in mortgage advice, but I do know that the amount of your pension and investments play a HUGE role in answering this question.

So how much do you need to save to live the kind of lifestyle you’ve been hoping for?

I found a couple of calculators that may help you determine how much you need to save.

This one is from Fiscal Agents, a Canadian Deposit Broker

And here’s a retirement calculator that TriDelta Financial put together.

You may also use this tool to determine the government pension you will receive,  tool from Service Canada.

PS – Most people think only of investing money they already have in the bank. Home owners don’t realize that their biggest investment, their home, can be an asset that creates a great monthly income.

Second Mortgage investing is an easy investment to make – they require little baby-sitting or watching. Money is paid regularly and the lender is fully secured by the legal documents signed at the time of the mortgage, ensuring that the investment as well as a profit is collected.

Watch the video below –

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