So you’ve found the home of your dreams.

Imagine buying it, only to find out that it was a previous Marijuana Grow-op.

The Property Disclosure Statement DOES NOT protect you.

Remember, the Property Disclosure Statement or PDS as it’s referred to in the industry, is simply a bunch of questions that the seller must answer truthfully.

When completing the statement, the seller is asked to respond either “yes, no, do not know” or “does not apply,” to questions such as “are you aware of any water problems” or “are you aware of any structural problems.” or “are you aware if this premises or property have been used as a marijuana grow operation or to manufacture illegal drugs”

Imagine if someone fibbed?

There are many cases as well when sellers cannot complete the PDS, such as when the property is rented and they have no personal knowledge about the physical condition. They simply draw a big line down the middle and put N/A (not applicable)

Today’s video shows you exactly what you must do to avoid buying a previous Marijuana Grow-op

Below are two other videos that show some of the tell tale signs of a Grow-op cover up and how some home inspectors may be missing the boat.

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