When homes near you come on the market and sell quickly, it’s tempting to wonder how the new buyers were able to purchase that home and qualify for the mortgage, especially in Vancouver

Were they lucky?

Did their parents lend them the down payment?

Did the ball simply roll their way?

Some people believe that fortune is subject to luck.  Experience shows, it’s not.  Only about 10% of our lives are completely out of our control. The rest is defined by the choices we make and the actions we take.  Lucky people tend to be open to new things.  Rather than approaching the unknown with an abundance of caution, they take risks, and feel relaxed enough to see the opportunities that exist.

You may know someone, right now, who has the ability to buy their very first home, but don’t yet know how to make luck reality.  Give me a call and I’ll send you my free report, How to Buy a Home With No Money Down, and together we’ll show them the real role that luck plays in home ownership.

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