Here are 5 great tips buyers would give sellers if they could

1. Personally Check out your listing on line. See what we see. What do your photos look like? Hopefully you’ve chosen your real estate agent wisely. One who has a great online presence and understand the importance of online marketing. I’m amazed at some of the pictures I see. Even worse, when I only see one or two photos or NONE at all.

2. Don’t overprice your home. This is NOT the market or time to “Price higher & see what happens”. News Flash, I’ll pass over your listing faster than green grass through a goose.

3. There are MANY fish in the sea – I only have to find one. Your home may be a palace to you, but don’t think it’s the only home on the market.

4. Clean the Clutter. I appreciate that you love ALL your family photos and personal mementos, but remember, a nice tidy open home will sell much faster.

5. STAGE YOUR HOME. If you can’t afford to have your home staged, you should still take the preparation of your home very seriously, and include your real estate agent or hire a stager for an hour of advice, taking their input on things like: what furniture to get rid of, which improvements will get you the most bang for your buck with local buyers and what paint, flooring and other finish materials will appeal to the broadest buyer segment in your area.

Selling a home in a slower market will definitely benefit from a little extra work. Do everything you can to get the home in excellent shape. These tips, coupled with an attractive price, will increase the odds of getting your home sold.

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