On Saturday my wife and I were at a mall in West Vancouver.

Those of you who know me well, know I hate shopping.

But, as long as I have a couch and my iPhone, I’m a happy shopper.

My wife went into one of the stores and I made myself comfortable on a nice couch.

I just happened to be sitting behind a kiosk that one of the BIG banks had set up.

They were promoting a points credit card with a free give away.

I watched and listeded as a few people came and signed up.

When it died down, I decided to go up to the counter and ask a few questions.

There were two people working the Kiosk.

They were dressed nicely and very warm and friendly.

I asked the first rep if they actually informed the client that they would be pulling their credit bureau.

He said that head office does that. I said, oh yeah, really?

The second rep pipes up and says that the clients knows.

I asked, how do you know that they know?

She says, they just know. We assume they know.


I said, what if they don’t know.

Well it’s in small print on the application over there. She pointed to a small paragraph at the bottom of the application that I could barely read.

I said, so then the head office doesn’t tell them?

No, we tell them.

Oh, now you tell them?

Yes, we tell them.

I thought head office tells them.

No, we tell them.

By this time, they’re sweating and they ask me who I am.

Anyway, I left the kiosk and went to find my wife.

I found her in line at one of the cashiers, BIG surprise.

Behind her in line was a lady I’d seen fill out an application at the kiosk.

I introduced myself and told her I had seen her at the kiosk.

I asked her if the bank rep had explained that by applying for the credit card, she was actually authorizing them to pull her credit.

She said NO…

I told her that credit checks can be damaging to her score.

She said she didn’t even need another card, but was taken by the free point offer.

She went back to the Kiok and demanded her application back.

Moral of the Story, any time you apply for credit of any sort, be prepared to have your credit checked.

Mark Fidgett
Vancouver Mortgage Broker
Owner www.NotaPennyDown.com