Just a quick note to let you know how I can help you or someone you know handle their finances a little better.

I was at lunch last week with a friend of mine and he told me that he wanted to buy a minivan for his family that cost $31,400 and the payment would be $455 per month.

I asked him if I could play with the finances and roll the costs of the van into his mortgage. His current mortgage was at 6% for $182,000 which gave him a $1165 monthly payment. He also had a second mortgage at 11% for $17,000, which was $164 per month. In addition, he has a $4,400 balance on a credit card with a minimum payment of $164. His home had gone up in value in the past 2 years he lived there. Here is what we came up with for his new loan:
Add everything together for a new mortgage amount of $182,000 + $17,000 + $4,400 + $31,400 = $234,800. I put him into the best product around.
The new payment is $988.00 per month.
This option saves him $960 per month.
As you’ve probably heard, the Powers that be are discussing further tightening of mortgage rules.
If you are thinking about refinancing don’t wait for the qualifications to get tougher, now is the time to save thousands in interest.
Forward this to any friend that is in a similar situation.

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