Does the home You’re about to purchase need renovations?

Imagine NOW being able to include the cost of your renovations with your purchase price!…the home you want, the upgrades you need!

Purchase Plus Improvements literally allows you to add the improvements to the mortgage.

By incorporating the cost of renovations into your mortgage, you’ll be getting your home the way you want it, and without the financial strain of a separate monthly loan payment or having to personally negotiate for the additional money with your bank. And you don’t have to lift a finger. All of this can be done by putting down as little as 5% of the “as improved” value.

Unfortunately not all contractors play by the same rules, some cut corners to offer lower prices. They promise you a “good deal”. We eliminate the horror stories we’ve all heard about. The ones about the “fly-by-nighters”. No more hassle of searching for a reputable renovator and worrying about quality work.

How does it work?

Cover not only the purchase price of your home but also the amount needed to pay for immediate major renovations. When you’ve found a home you like, make an offer, subject to a bit longer than normal conditional period. We take over from there! We meet with you (your client), discuss your requirements, provide a cost estimate for the proposed renovations and specifically format it to the insures requirements thus improving your chances of approval.

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