Don’t let this happen to you…

Wife takes my car last evening for a night out with the girls.

She phones me with the Vancouver Pay by phone meter number and requests that I put in two hours.

Being the savvy pay by phone guy that I am, I bang off that order in two secs.

Fast forward two hours, receive a text by phone advising me that parking expires in 5 minutes.

No problemo, phone wife to check if she needs more time.

She tells me the car’s gone. WHAT…

Ready to take someones head off, I Quickly call the City of Vancouver.

So here’s where it gets stupid.

If you’re familiar with Vancouver pay by phone meter parking, you already know that it automatically defauts to the last license plate that you parked.

Needless to say, my car was not the last plate I’d parked.

Because I’m such a pro at pay by phone parking, I never listened to the prompts or the recordings, I simply banged off “yes, yes, yes”.

Needless to say, my son’s car had two hours of parking in front of some fancy restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

To bad his car wasn’t there…

One hundred and fifty bucks later and a ruined evening for my wife, I learn my lesson on being patient and thorough.

Of course I knew, but I’d forgotten that my son had phoned me a few days earlier while he was downtown and asked me to plug his meter.

Moral of the story, listen to the prompts đŸ˜‰

Make it a Great day!

Mark Fidgett
Your Vancouver Mortgage broker