She submitted the online mortgage application late one Saturday night. There wasn’t anything special about the loan application when I read it. Nothing, that is, until I read the “Tell us about Your Situation” part. That’s when I learned about Julie’s special needs.

I read about how Julie was recently divorced. She had wound up with the house, a mountain of bills, and a two year-old daughter after the dust settled and she signed the divorce settlement. The combined total of monthly bills was over $1,000. So each month Julie had to decide whether she was going to pay for day care or some of the other bills. It was a situation that was unworkable.

When I looked at her credit report I could see a story of “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” The late payment notices jumped from creditor to creditor on a month-to-month basis. Luckily it hadn’t gone on too long and her credit score hadn’t been hurt too badly.

After doing some research, I suggested to Julie that she refinance ASAP into a new mortgage. It would consolidate her debt into a single loan into one monthly bill and would save her $750 per month and would also lower her interest rate.

What Julie told me when she called after signing the mortgage documents remains with me, even today. She said that it wasn’t so much the money that I saved her. She thanked me for treating her with respect throughout the process and for helping her to move forward with her life.

Julie explained that she was in a state of denial during much of the process and had filled out the online application as more of a lark than because she believed her life would improve as a result of doing so. She revealed that even as she went through the process she had a streak of disbelief in the back of her mind.

It wasn’t until she got the call that it was time to sign the new mortgage papers that it hit home with her. She was going to really be able to pay the bills, keep her house, and make a go of it with her daughter. That phone call reminded me why I’m not in this business just because I enjoy dealing with financial matters. Helping my clients is the reason I come to work each day.

Let me help you with your special circumstances.


Mark Fidgett
Vancouver Mortgage Broker