The Power of Referrals
Be Bashir’s in a World of Car Wash’s

First of all, I don’t have anything against car Wash’s. I just don’t find myself referring a lot of people to them. On the other hand I talk to people about Bashir’s! The other day a friend of mine was complaining about the mess of her car.

She has two kids, both of whom drive her car. Needless to say, they don’t take the best of care of her car. Well after after many disappointments at the detail shops, I sent her to Bashir’s.

Detail it they did! When she picked up her vehicle it looked just like it did the day she drove it off the lot. An absolute amazing transformation. A friend didn’t believe it was the same car she had seen the week before. A COMPLETELY NEW CAR. She couldn’t recognize it. She felt like she bought it all over again. No stains from coffee, no smudges, no food between seats – car was brand new.

Wow – I love Bashir’s

Here Are Some Tips I Live By and Why Over 90% Of My Business Is By
Referral Only!

1. It must be a win-win. The person referring you business must get a
sense of satisfaction from referring you to a friend or family member.
Show appreciation for any referral you get and treat the person referred as

2. Understand Math, particularly Multiplication. Every person you meet
knows hundreds of others. Give them Nordstrom service and they will tell
some people about you. Treat them poorly and they will tell everyone they

3. Stay in contact. Consistency of contact builds relationships. People
refer friends to friends. You can’t speak to everyone all the time but you
can use mail, email (Hint, hint) and the telephone.

4. Remember the law of Reciprocity. The law of Reciprocity essentially
says, “if you do something good for someone they feel an obligation to
return the favor.” If you are constantly doing good for people, giving
advice that is based on what is best for the client not for you then they
are very likely to pay back the favor.

5. Ask and you shall receive. Ask, ask, ask! Who is the next person
that you know that might need to refinance or purchase? Do you know anyone
in your family, at church or at your work that could use my consulting
services? That’s how you ask – now please think about the question and
email me with a great referral!

Take care,

Mark Fidgett

“Your Mortgage Consultant….For Life!”

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