The secret to choosing a great tenant.

I don’t know about you, but, I’ve heard some real horror stories,
when it comes to bad tenants.

In fact, you may had a bad experience yourself.

So how do you choose a good tenant?

I sat down with a very successful, long time investor client of mine and I asked him…
How do you pick such great tenants?

I fully expected him to say, “I pull their credit” or “I call their references”
and he may do those things, but what he told next was super advice…

He said…”I invite the tenant over, ask them a few questions,
then as they’re getting ready to leave, I simply walk with then out to their car.

He said, It’s at that point he makes his decision.
If their cars a mess, I know my homes going to be a mess.
If their cars nice and clean, that’s the ticket.

He said it’s a strategy that has never failed him yet.

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