A realtor asked me, is there a trick to a quick mortgage approval?

As much as I don’t believe in tricks, there definitely are some common sense rules.

Maintain a high credit score. Lenders look at your credit with the following philosophy. History repeats itself. That is, you will keep doing whatever it is you’ve been doing. If you show a solid history of repaying past loans, you are likely to repay this one.

Prove what you earn. The ideal borrower has a stable job and can prove all their income by way of readily available documentation. Although mortgages for Self-employed borrowers have become much harder these days with all the new rule changes, we do have a special program specifically designed for self employed individuals whose income may not show as high as it should.

Have a healthy down payment. The more you put down the better your chances of a mortgage approval. To get rid of mortgage insurance, you will need at least 20% down.

PS – we’ve created a unique, innovative and very exclusive ZERO DOWN program accessible to qualified home buyers. This Zero Down program allows home buyers to purchase a home without using any of their hard earned cash, PLUS receive cash back after closing.

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