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A bit of a different post from me today.

What do Chin-ups have to do with Goal Setting?

I guess on the surface, you might say, not a whole hell of a lot.

But in fact, dig a little deeper and you may be surprised what you find?

I had the pleasure of sitting down last week with a good friend of mine, Stan Fiddis.

Some of you may remember Stan from the old Big Bamboo and the Wild Coyote days.

Stan was one of the owners.

At 57, Stan is going to set the Guinness World Book of Records for chin-ups at 57 consecutive chins.

Now anyone who’s ever attempted a chin-up, will attest to the fact that this is a huge feat in and of itself, regardless of age.

I couldn’t wait to ask him his secret.

What he said, really resonated with me.

He said “I start by counting to 10 over & over. Then as it gets harder, I count to 5 over and over. Then when it gets even harder I drop to 2’s, then eventually 1’s”.

He said “if I counted all the way up to 57, I’d never make it”.

I thought to myself, how true this is of goal setting.

1) First you create your specific “big picture” = 57 Chins

2) Then, you break that down into smaller measurable targets. = 10’s, 5’s, 2’s, 1’s

3) Then you start working to achieve it = SUCCESS!!


Stay tuned for Stan’s results.

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