Why should you trust my skills as a mortgage consultant, negotiator and organizer of the transactional details?

Some people think that all Vancouver mortgage companies are alike.

Money is money, so what’s the difference?

The difference is great service!

So, what does great service really mean?

It means we make the mortgage application process as easy and painless as possible.

We’re happy to spend time answering ALL of your questions
rather than rushing you through the application process.

We will NOT pressure you into making a decision,
and because we are completely independent Vancouver mortgage brokers,
we won’t steer you into one product like most traditional lenders.

A great quote from Seth Godins Blog

The honest broker

It really is a choice, one or the other.

Either you happily recommend the best option for your customer, or you give preference to your own items first.

Either you believe in what you sell, or you don’t.

Either you treat your best partners better, or you treat everyone the same.

Either you shade the truth when it’s painful to do otherwise, or you consistently share what’s important.

Either you always keep your promises or you don’t.

Either you give me the best price the first time, or you make me jump through hoops to get there.

Earning the position of the honest broker is time-consuming and expensive. Losing it takes just a moment.

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Mark Fidgett, Your Vancouver Mortgage Broker For Life



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