The only people with a better deal than this…

What’s better than Zero Down?

ZERO Down, plus CASH BACK.

That can’t be right?

Yup, but for a limited time only, so go ahead and apply today.

How Does it work?

$400,000 Purchase Price
$20,000 (5% Secret Sauce ZERO Down Payment)
$7,000 CASH BACK
2.99% for 5 years
$1,826 monthly payment

Needless to say, because you’re not putting any skin in the game, good credit is a MUST.

Combined household income and existing debt will determine your qualifying purchase price.

1) How much do I qualify for?
That depends on your income and debt. Apply Here

2) Can this work on a Town House or Apartment too?

3) I don’t have a realtor?
Not a problem, call us at 604-273-2002
We can refer you to a couple of outstanding choices.

4) Do I still need a deposit?
The deposit is something required by the seller to solidify the offer. Your realtor will try and arrange the BEST deposit for you, but you must be able to provide the deposit for the SHORT term ONLY. Deposits are refunded back at closing. Many clients simply borrow this from a relative or friend or put on a credit card. ONCE again, this deposit comes back to you once you take possession.

5) This sounds too good to be true, is it legal?
Absolutely, not only is it legal, but we are fully licensed.

6) How do I apply?
Go ahead and apply by clicking Here

Don’t miss this opportunity as it may be time sensitive.

Mark Fidgett is a Vancouver mortgage broker and the driver behind

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