Vancouver Mortgage Refinancing…What You Should Know

Surrounded By A Sea of Refinancing Confusion

There are probably many “lifesaving” tips people have thrown you to help you determine the right time to refinance your home. You may have heard that the interest rate on the new loan must be at least two percent less than the old loan, or it is not a good decision. Another frequently quoted, but just as frequently incorrect statement, is that if your loan is less than two years old, you shouldn’t refinance it now.
Neither one of these statements is entirely correct, and it can be extremely difficult to receive unbiased and accurate information about the refinancing decision and process. It is our desire to offer you a clear, concise guide to help you get rescued from that sea of refinancing confusion. This report has been designed to provide unbiased information that will help you make an educated decision about whether or not to refinance your home mortgage.

“The personal attention to detail and availability to assist me was something my bank could not offer”.
~ N.J. Campbell

What Refinancing Myths Do I Need to Watch Out For?

1. Blending your existing rate with your current lender!
This is the most common technique all lenders will try on you. They hope you do not know how to compare what this means and that you will not shop around.
Huge mistake!

Sometimes blending is in your favor, and if it is, we will tell you that. However, more often than not, it is not in your favor, and a new mortgage rate will save you thousands of dollars in interest costs!
2. One widespread myth that needs to be dispelled is the idea that lowered monthly payments are the financial yardsticks that wise refinancing is measured by. Monthly payments are only comparable if they are based on the same loan duration! In fact, lowered monthly payments can be achieved even at a higher mortgage rate, if the new mortgage has a longer term than the remaining years of the old mortgage.
3. Another common misconception about refinancing is that if the new rate is not at least two points lower than your existing mortgage rate, then refinancing is not worth the time and trouble. In many cases, especially if you are planning to stay in your home at least three to five years, even a one-point reduction can make an enormous difference in your overall home mortgage cost. In addition, with the constant technological advances in the mortgage industry, obtaining a mortgage loan or refinance is now faster and easier than ever before.
If you have any confusion or apprehension about your refinancing decision, call Mark Fidgett at (604) 273-2002, and he will consult with you at no charge or obligation.
What Exactly Do I Need To Consider About Refinancing My Home?
To accurately sum up your refinancing decision, you need to thoroughly consider the following six factors:
  1. The amount of reduction in the mortgage interest rate.
  2. The amount of reduction in the monthly payment.
  3. Any prepayment penalties on the old mortgage.
  4. The amount of closing costs, including any appraisal of CMHC costs, legal fees, etc.
  5. The number of years you plan on retaining your home.
  6. The effect on your cash flow overall lower payments could make.
What Will Actually Be Involved When I Refinance My Home Mortgage?
When you refinance, the proceeds from your new mortgage loan are used to pay off your old mortgage, bank loans, credit cards or new money for renovations or any other worthwhile purpose. Even if you use the same lender this is true. You are not simply re-negotiating the terms of the old mortgage, such as reducing the interest rate.
You need to expect that your home will have to be appraised again, and possibly inspected. Your credit history and overall financial picture will be reviewed again to make sure you qualify.
Of course money doesn’t just grow on trees, but if it is truly the right time for you to refinance, then with the money you will be saving after twelve to eighteen months, you should begin to feel like your money trees are in full bloom!
What Should I Do If I’m Still Not Sure I Should Refinance My Home Mortgage?

If after reviewing this report you are still not sure whether or not you should refinance your home, then it is time to call on someone trained specifically to help you interpret your individual mortgage situation.
We Do This For You At No Cost or Obligation
We are trained to take care of all those details for you, and we will gladly meet with you at your convenience to discuss your specific refinancing situation. This consultation is absolutely free, and there will be no obligations or salespeople hounding you if you decide that it is not the right time for you to refinance.
Remember that refinancing your home mortgage does not need to be a tedious, overwhelming task.

Call us at (604) 273-2002, and let us show you just how quick and hassle-free creating increased cash flow through your home mortgage refinance can be!