Here’s a quick note to let you know how you and I can help anyone you feel comfortable introducing me to.

I recently read a survey that said most renters would prefer to own a home.  Makes sense, yes?  But did you know that most of them are stopped dead in their tracks because they think that they need a 10- to 20-percent cash down payment?  That makes sense, too, because you and I both know that in today’s challenging credit environment, coming up with a lump sum of cash even for the most modest of homes can be next-to-impossible for many renters.

But it’s important that you and they both know that there are options for renters with good credit and a good income. And to help those folks on the path to homeownership I put together a free report, How to Buy a House with No Money Down. If you know a friend, family member of coworker who is currently renting and wants to say, “Take a hike, landlord!” then take out your cell phone, look up my number, and call me immediately.  You can pass along my free report to them so they can start enjoying the short- and long-term pleasures and benefits of owning a home.

Mark Fidgett, Your Vancouver Mortgage Broker For Life

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P.S.  Who’s the next person you know who’s ready to tell their landlord to take a hike? Be sure to give me a call so we can help them get on the path to owning their own home!