Score One For Good Communication!

When it comes to mortgages, this story often reminds me of why we’re referred to so many family, friends and co-workers –


During his early years as a coach at the University of Kentucky, Rick Pitino, now a motivational speaker, traveled to the home of a high school basketball star that the university wanted on its team. Pitino spent more than an hour impressing the boy and his   family with the greatness of the Wildcats. He talked about the six national championships, the half-million-dollar weight room, the private plane the team used to get to games, and the thrill of playing before the worshipful fans.

He thought he had him. But as Pitino drove away, he suddenly realized he’d blown it. ‘I broke every rule of communication back there,’ Pitino said. ‘All we did for 45 minutes was speak about our virtues—things he already knows. I never took the time to build the trust and friendship in that room to get him to want to play for me.’

He knew then he’d lost the star player. But when he turned to future prospects, he put his lesson to work. The next star player had already heard from top schools and Pitino had an uphill battle. But he didn’t give up.

When he visited the next player, Pitino didn’t trumpet Kentucky’s virtues. Instead, he spent his time asking questions: What did the player want from a coach, what did the family want for their son in college. Then he listened to the answers.

The next day, the player called Pitino and decided on Kentucky.

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