Money is money, so what’s the difference?

Some people think that all mortgage companies are alike.

The difference is great service! So, what does great service really mean? It means we make the mortgage application process as easy and painless as possible. We’re happy to spend time answering ALL of your questions rather than rushing you through the application process. We will NOT pressure you into making a decision, and because we are completely independent brokers, we won’t steer you into one product like most traditional lenders.

Most Lenders do Business as if they were taxi cab drivers…

Most Lenders do business as if they will never see or hear from you again! Just like a cab driver…

They ask “Were-ya headed?” Sometimes they’ll get you to your “destination”, safely. And sometimes…well, lets just say they like to get you there as fast as humanly possible so they can get on to their next fare.

We have adopted a particular philosophy of doing business!

Our way of doing business is to think of our relationship with a client as a long-term association… not for just a “deal”…like the many “cab drivers” out there.

Its important to us that our clients know… that we have their best interests in mind.

We tell the truth and live with the consequences. Again and again we’ve found that people prefer to work this way. Our concern is about our clients’ well-being, their goals and what is best for them, always!

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