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Non-conforming lending:
Providing Viable Solutions

We’ve all heard the saying that you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. This is particularly true today. With self-employment, contract and commission-based work on the rise, fewer people than ever are able to meet traditional financial models that hinge on a person earning a "regular" paycheque. Banks have dubbed this group of applicants as "non-conforming," but the number of people falling into this group is growing at such a fast pace, traditional lenders can't cope. Our mortgage consultants understand these changes and we’re responding with a mortgage service that breaks with tradition.

Perhaps you are new to Canada. Maybe your income fluctuates or you’ve experienced some challenges with your personal credit in the past. Regardless of your situation, if you’ve found that you don’t meet the requirements of a traditional lender, we may be able to help. At, we find innovative ways to say "yes" when the traditional lenders have said "no". We can arrange all of this at a competitive interest rate and charge you no fee for our service.

We have access to Canada’s best specialty lenders and we know how to work with them. Our consultants will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, and we can usually have an answer to you within 24 hours.

Vancouver Debt Consolidation

We have access to products that will allow you to borrow up to 90% or even 107% of your home’s full market value. Put your home to work for you!

You can have more money in your pocket each month by consolidating your existing debts into one new mortgage with one lower monthly payment. You can pay off higher interest rate loans and credit cards, as well as take advantage of today’s lower mortgage rates.

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Vancouver Debt Consolidation

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Vancouver Debt Consolidation

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Afterwards, if your monthly cash flow improves or you come into an unexpected cash windfall, you can always choose to apply extra payments and help retire your mortgage early. We can show you how!

Self-employed programs

Despite good credit ratings, entrepreneurs often have a difficult time obtaining a mortgage approval because the lender’s approval formulas and score cards can work against them.

Often, they have insufficient confirmation of their income to satisfy the lender.

At times, a common sense approach must be taken to evaluate their ability to repay.

We have the experience and the products to help!

Purchase a home with "No Down Payment"

Home purchases with "No Down Payment" have been possible in the U.S. for some time now, but until recently they were unavailable in Canada. Let us show you how it works.

If you have an established credit rating, can demonstrate stable employment and are purchasing a marketable home in good repair, we can show you ways to purchase a home with no down payment.

Impaired credit rating programs

Former bankrupts need a fresh start, and we can help.

Applicants with explainable credit problems need guidance to turn things around. We can help.

If you can demonstrate your intention and ability to repay, we can try to find ways to get you back on the right path.

We will be there with you throughout the entire process of re-establishing your credit and returning you to a good credit rating.

Home equity loans

We have access to mortgages that will give you access to 90% and even 100% of your home’s full market value, for any worthwhile purpose.

This could be things like borrowing for your children’s education, investment opportunities, home renovations, and more.

Second home and/or cottage financing

If your thinking of purchasing homes for students attending university or college in another city, we can help.

If you want to buy a cottage for year-round R & R, we can help.

Refinancing exiting mortgage(s)

Do you currently have a first and second mortgage? We can combine them both into one mortgage, often at a more favorable rate and with one low monthly payment.

Secured Visa Application

If you’ve been recently declined for a visa, please click here to print and complete the Home Trust Company visa application. Send to the address listed on the application (also shown below) along with a cheque or money order payable to Home Trust Visa in the amount of $750.00. This amount represents a security deposit.  

Please print and fill out the following form including your cheque or money order.

Mail it to:

Home Trust Company
Attn: Secured VISA
145 King Street West, Suite 1910
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J8


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